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Facial Aesthetics in South London

Mint Dental Centre is very proud to introduce our 1st Class Facial Aesthetic Team consisting entirely of fully qualified UK Doctors with specialised knowledge in the administration of Botox and Facial Fillers for both men and women.

Some time ago we decided that in order to provide a specialised service, rather than choose regular therapists as certain clinics do, we created a first-class team of medical aesthetic Doctors who have full specialist knowledge in facial aesthetics particularly including the forehead, neck and jawline areas, as well as lips and other parts of the body.


Our team consists of extremely caring and friendly Doctors who will listen carefully to your concerns and have specific knowledge in just how to improve your appearance in the most natural way.

They use specialised products that have the quickest effect and longest duration giving an immediate boost to both your looks and confidence!

We understand cost is an important part of any treatment options chosen .. that’s exactly why we ensure our price range is assessed as one of the most particularly competitive in the UK market.

Over time, skin slackens losing its firmness and volume, especially around lips, eyes, forehead and chin areas.

Facial Aesthetics

Our Doctors focus on restoring and improving your looks with specialised products that have both the quickest effect and the longest duration!

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