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At Mint Dental Centre we provide genuinely affordable cosmetic dental treatment at prices to make you smile.

We also offer a choice of private treatments to suit all requirements and budgets:

Implant Crown

Fees correct as of June 2024

Fees List:
Special Offer:
New patient check-up

Routine Examination (Adult) £40
Emergency £40
Small X-Ray £14
Full Panoramic X-Ray £70
Superclean £85
Ultraclean £98
Smokers Makeover £139
White fillings from £175
Root filling ‘Anterior Tooth’ from £175
Root filling ‘Posterior Tooth’ from £300
Root filling ‘Molar tooth’ from £450
Implant consultation £75
Guide price for implant and crown to replace tooth from £2400
Single implant placement only from £1300
Implant porcelain crown including abutment (post) from £1100
Bone graft (if required) from £550
Crowns (Porcelain bonded to metal) from £450
Crowns (High Grade Porcelain only) from £650
Veneers from £260
Dentures from £350
Teeth whitening – In surgery (1 hour) £400
Teeth whitening – Home kit £335
Surgical Extraction Including Wisdom Teeth from £200
Periodontal Gum treatments from £150
Crown Lengthening £100
Orthodontic treatment from £1000

Please note for any cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment a penalty fee would normally be applied of £30.
Thank you for your understanding.

Detailed Orthodontist Implant and Periodontal Prices

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